ProctorU: Leading Service in University Technology

ProctorU Steps Forward in the New Age of Technological Education

Recently I’ve been able to talk with Stephanie Petelos from online business ProctorU in regards to their recent success and expansion:
“ProctorU is the world leader of online test monitoring in the rapidly changing and growing industry of online education. In this new industry our executives have had to use creative strategy to grow and expand as we have helped to make online education more accessible and flexible for people around the world. The quality control and training program are constantly being improved as we grow rapidly. ProctorU is hiring over 100 people in the next two months to meet the increasing testing demand this semester.” She has shared with us some of the details regarding their business:

  • Online service which monitors exams all over the world
  • Over 450 different universities, professional organizations, colleges and certification programs
  • Promises academic integrity through its use of real proctors and advanced technology
  • Use of webcams, screen-sharing technology and intelligence to monitor those taking the exams
  • World leader of online exam monitoring
  • Creative strategies explored to provide flexibility by growing and expanding
  • Hiring over 100 new employees to meet increasing demand of their product

ProctorU is a great example of how successful online businesses can be when done right. Their use of innovative software is outstanding, as is their friendly interface and employees. Anyone studying and attending university from home would be smart to use this software and service for their exams. Make sure you visit their site and find out more:


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