Business Health Mind & Body

Business Health Mind and Body

As every successful business owner knows, human capital is the greatest asset of any company. A great team makes it possible to accomplish powerful objectives. A great team will be driven when provided with career satisfaction along the way. And just like any Plant requires a healthy, weed free environment, the right amount of natural light and nutrients in the soil, so does a Business need to consider keeping these areas Healthy:

Personal Health and Wellbeing:

Since you, the busines owner, are the biggest assett to your business you need to prevent ill health at any cost.
Stress and Anxiety take a great toll on the body and mind.
Do you go home in the evening and fall asleep in front of the TV, wake up in the morning and wish you could sleep another ten hours?  Well, chances are your physical, mental, and emotional health is suffering.

Staff and Business Stress:

Stress contributes to all diseases. It is well known that there is good stress and bad stress. Bad stress is when the team player gets no support from upper management and communication is unclear. This causes  confusion about what the aim of the task is and creates bad stress.
Good stress is  offering a variety of duties which challenge the expansion of the employee’s  knowledge. This keeps the employee alert, interested in the business and creates career opportunities.

Supportive and Healthy Business Environment:

It is vital that the office has plenty of oxygen to go around. Many offices have air condition but the air quality is poor.  When the person has not enough oxygen available to them, they do become lethargic, depressive, they develop a 'can not be bothered' attitude.  The brain function slows down.  To have a good team you need to make sure that they have an office environment which supports them also health wise. Plants are very important too, they clean the air, Peace Lily is a popular one.
The office has to be tidy, a messy office creates a messy team.  Make sure that the office is not too hot or cold.  People need a good lunch room with comfortable, nice chairs. These are all important aspects to consider.

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