Holiday Gift Card

Innovative Holiday Gift Card System

Have you ever used a holiday gift card?

The other day we got to catch up with Heddi Cundle from travel company myTab, an effective means of using technology to save for your holiday trip. It works a bit like a holiday gift card. Heddi explained how they utilize multiple innovative techniques to give you a range of options:

  • ‘Crowd-sourced’ funding allows family and friends to contribute to your dream holiday
  • The more popular it becomes, the more bargaining power available to achieve exclusive deals
  • Cheap, easy flight and hotel bookings within minutes
  • Stabilizing the flight economy without hassle or struggle
  • Expansion from USA to the UK demonstrates reliability and capability

I even signed up for it myself. It is a cool idea that friends and family can donate small amounts towards any holiday I want

What’s the result of this program? As Ms Cundle states, ‘It brings the emotion back to gift giving’ what a great idea to put such a holiday gift card system in place
People all around could benefit from utilizing this excellent resource, and have the holiday they always dreamed of

You need to check it out:

MyTab Holiday Gift Card







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