Are you looking for ways of raising capital outside of the Bank?

There is a wealth of grants out there that countless Businesses could take advantage of, but many fail to do


Are you looking for ways of raising capital outside of the Bank?

James Skinner, leading Gold Coast corporate advisor says:
“A lot of people turned to the banks during the downturn in order to get funds to take their Business forward, and in most cases we were seeing them knocked back.”

“Certainly, it was clear that the banks needed to act with some degree of prudence given the economic chaos that was occurring, however there will have been many Businesses that suffered unnecessarily or were unable to get off the ground due to their inability to borrow money.”

“Things have somewhat eased up since the worst of the GFC, yet many Businesses still are finding it hard to raise capital, and as such we’ve seen a lot of people utilizing alternatives to the banks.”
That even though banks tend to be at the forefront of most Business’s minds when it comes to obtaining funds, they many not necessarily provide the most suitable financial support is to raise capital, but one that many Business owner’s dismiss for fear of giving away a slice of the ownership”

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